Nord-Deutschland6e Auflage, 1936D254
Norddeutschland. Reisehandbuch für Bahn und Auto.

48, 330 pages20 maps, 53 plans 
Something of a rarity, as well as an oddity. It is a companion to D83, but then why the edition number, which seems to correspond with D228?

This volume comes with (or should come with) a lot of extra goodies: a large roadmap (Strassenkarte) in a pocket at the back, plus the plan of the Reichssportfeld, in preparation for the 1936 Berlin Olympics, plus a loose insert concerning Saarlautern (Saarlouis).
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Picture by courtesy of Bernard Engholm

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 Süddeutschland 34 (1937)
Deutschland (Deutsches Reich) 6 (1936)
Berlin und Potsdam 21 (1936)
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