Autoführer Deutsches Reich1e Auflage, 1938D255
Autoführer Band 1: Deutsches Reich (ohne das Land Österreich). Offizieller Führer des Deutschen Automobil-Clubs.

28, 632 pages1 map, 60 plans 
Should ideally contain a "Strassenzustandskarte" (road conditions map), but that was inserted loose and is often missing. The presence of the map would increase the price by 20-30.

This edition (and the following) was issued for the DDAC (German Automobile Club). There are consequently two versions: one with the coat of arms of the DDAC on the title page, for its members; and one plain version for the general public.

It is referred to as Band 1; the intention was to publish a second volume to cover Austria (by now incorporated in Greater Germany). However, the second edition came out shortly after and covered all parts of Greater Germany in one volume.
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