Rheinreise 2 (1835)

By courtesy of Jack Mooyer, several pictures of the second edition of Rheinreise. Click on one of the thumbnail pictures for a bigger version (opens in a separate window).

When Karl Baedeker launched this edition, he added twelve views of features along the river (see The Rhine views) and a map of the course of the river. These additions to the original work of Prof. J.A. Klein, as published by Friedrich Röhling, made the book into the first tourist guide of its kind. In particular, it would appear that until then, nobody had thought of adding detailed maps to this type of work (views and other illustrations had of course appeared in earlier books).

Above, two views of the Rhine map.

To the left, the cover in moiré brown, with a glued-on label. To the right, the title page.
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