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12 Dec 2014

...Christmas, really! Here's yet another rarity suddenly appearing on eBay: a Manual of Conversation 2 (1840). The binding is in a dreadful state but this is a very rare book and the interior is apparently in reasonable condition.

Well what are you waiting for? Go have a look right away - you won't see another one of these any time soon!

Manuel de Langue Russe

10 Dec 2014

Well here's a real rarity: a copy of Langue Russe 2 (1897) has popped up on eBay. It was issued in three editions (1893, 1897 and 1903) but none of them have ever been seen on BDKR before.

Alex Hinrichsen, in his standard bibliography and numbering system, did not give the editions separate numbers - they are all grouped under S13. Unfortunately, the Hinrichsen number S13a is taken up by a different publication, so some other extension to the system may have to be contemplated, perhaps.

Schweiz 10

5 Dec 2014

There is a reasonable copy of Schweiz 10 (1864) on eBay at the moment. Though the cover has seen better days, it seems fair in other respects, and has no reserve price.

This edition has the colourful cantonal arms page - worth a look.

Thanks also to everybody who helped and offered to help with the Strassenzustandskarte - it has all been sorted!

Germany 1936 - missing map

21 Nov 2014

A good friend of the site has recently acquired a copy of Germany (1936). But unfortunately it is missing the road map which should be in a pocket inside the back cover. Does any kind reader have a copy of this, which they would be prepared to scan and send over for our friend to print? He would be very grateful (and so would I).


17 Nov 2014

There is a copy of Österreich, Süd- und West-Deutschland 6 (1855) on eBay at the moment. The binding is not brilliant (unsurprising for a book of this age, especially since at 20+556 pages, it is at the upper end of what the standard Baedeker binding could cope with) but it appears otherwise to be complete and in good order.

This is a rare edition - not previously recorded on BDKR.com - so go and have a look!

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