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Madeira (1939)

25 Jan 2016

The famous Madeira (1939) has appeared in the shape of a good-looking copy on eBay. This is very rare because - well, just look at the year of publication. Not many English-speaking people were buying German guidebooks, and even fewer were travelling abroad.

The German version, Madeira (1934) is also currently on eBay but it is not anything like as rare.

Happy New Year!

1 Jan 2016

To all readers and visitors - a very Happy 2016! Thank you for following BDKR.com and may you all find that elusive missing edition in the New Year!

Christmas open day at Unterwegs

11 Dec 2015

Our friends at Unterwegs Antiquariat in Berlin have special opening hours tomorrow Sat 12 Dec: 11am to 8pm. You are also promised "small treats and a glass of wine or a cup of tea" while browsing - sounds lovely. Ich h├Ątte gern noch ein Koffer in Berlin...

Online auction

10 Dec 2015

You can still catch an online auction of Baedekers if you can get to it by tomorrow! (If your Dutch is not quite up to scratch, you can select different languages in a drop-down at the top of the page.)

Exploring NYC today with an 1899 Baedeker

25 Nov 2015

This is a well-written article worth a bit of your time. There have been others in a similar vein - could anybody remind me of some others, still live on the web?

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