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Another lovely old edition

17 Oct 2014

And now there is a Schweiz 5 (1854) on eBay, too. Not in a bad state for its age, and without elevated starting price.

The F003 is still only at €167 at the time of writing. I imagine that might go a bit higher in the remaining two days...

F003 - Le Rhin

13 Oct 2014

Well, this is interesting: a copy of Le Rhin de Bâle a Düsseldorf 2 (1852) has appeared on eBay at a very low starting price...

The copy seems in reasonable condition, though scribbled in a bit - but that adds historical interest of course.

Athens result

15 Sep 2014

The E238 went for USD3,272.22 - which is an impressive result. Judging from the starting price on this auction, the seller didn't actually know what he or she had on their hands... it will have been a bit of a surprise!

It does show that Baedekers at the top of the rarity range do keep their price, while the more run-of-the-mill editions (are there any such in the Baedeker range? Ed.) are not doing very well for the time being.

Well done to all involved!

E238 Athens

11 Sep 2014

Well, sorry for the summer break - but there hasn't been an awful lot to write about... I have had a jolly nice summer, hope all readers have, too.


Just returning from my travels this morning I notice, on eBay, a Athens 1 (1896), the amazingly rare special print made for the Olympic Games of 1896. The German equivalent was spotted in 2011, but the English edition I have never seen for sale before.

Quick, before the seller works out what he has got there... :-)


22 Jul 2014

Just spotted on eBay: an Österreich 9 (1860) - not in a great condition but possibly at least complete. Quite a rare edition with a low starting price.

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