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20 May 2015

Now we have a copy of the rare Mittel- und Nord-Deutschland 9 (1859) on eBay. Looks very nice, although with a new spine.


19 Apr 2015

Sorry about the silence - just too much work going on at the moment!

Anyway, there is a Suisse 3 (1857) up for auction at eBay right now - looks decent to me!


9 Mar 2015

There is a bit of a rarity on eBay at the moment - a copy of Deutschland 11 (1864) in fairly good state, although the seller is frustratingly uncertain about the completeness of the book.

Nonetheless, a rare bird - well worth a look!

Weimar und Jena

2 Feb 2015

The smallest of all Baedekers is Weimar und Jena (1932). It is also one of the rarest - but now there's one for you to buy on eBay! It is in reasonable condition - go and have a look!

The AWH bibliography

30 Jan 2015

There is a copy of Alex W Hinrichsen's bibliography - the 2nd and definitive edition - on eBay, here. These are like hen's teeth, so don't miss this opportunity if you are looking for a copy.

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