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Germany 1936 - missing map

21 Nov 2014

A good friend of the site has recently acquired a copy of Germany (1936). But unfortunately it is missing the road map which should be in a pocket inside the back cover. Does any kind reader have a copy of this, which they would be prepared to scan and send over for our friend to print? He would be very grateful (and so would I).


17 Nov 2014

There is a copy of Österreich, Süd- und West-Deutschland 6 (1855) on eBay at the moment. The binding is not brilliant (unsurprising for a book of this age, especially since at 20+556 pages, it is at the upper end of what the standard Baedeker binding could cope with) but it appears otherwise to be complete and in good order.

This is a rare edition - not previously recorded on BDKR.com - so go and have a look!

29,000 results

10 Nov 2014

We have just passed 29,006 recorded sales "since records began", just over 10 years ago. We have also just entered the 65,000th auction record for monitoring... Here are the statistics with changes since 28,000 sales: The 29,006 sales result from 64,916 auctions started, so the success ratio (i.e., auctions resulting in a sale) is 44.68% (45.96% last time), continuing downwards. The number of successful auctions per month also continues to fall, and is now at 234, from 241.3 after 28,000 sales.

There are 1050 different editions and variants listed separately at BDKR.com. Of those 972 have appeared in at least one successful sale, which is four more than last time, again a notable increase (there were three new ones last time). Of the 972 editions seen, 58 have appeared once only. The most sold edition is, as ever, Great Britain 7 (1910) with 235 sales (224 last time). Generalgouvernment remains the most sold German edition and stands at 210 sales (last time 207). The best-selling French edition is also firmly established, being Sud-Est de la France 9 (1910), still on 88 sales (88). Of the 29,006 books, 12,901 (44.5%) were in German, 12,482 (43.0%) in English and 3,623 (12.5%) in French. There is a weak trend for the proportion of German books to increase and that of French books to decrease, but it remains a steady rule, as it has from inception, that out of seven sold books, three are in German, three in English and one in French.

The total sale price for the books was €916,076.44, giving an average price of €31.58, which continues the falling trend (though it may have slowed down at last). If all the books had gone for their BDKR guideline price, the total sales would have been €2,375,585, so the ratio is now just over 38.5%.

The average number of bids per sold book is 5.1. This average remains rock steady!

As ever, just treat these stats as a bit of fun - my statistics training is non-existent. The stats also appear in shortened form every day on the stats page. If you'd like some other data, please feel free to ask!

Another lovely old edition

17 Oct 2014

And now there is a Schweiz 5 (1854) on eBay, too. Not in a bad state for its age, and without elevated starting price.

The F003 is still only at €167 at the time of writing. I imagine that might go a bit higher in the remaining two days...

F003 - Le Rhin

13 Oct 2014

Well, this is interesting: a copy of Le Rhin de Bâle a Düsseldorf 2 (1852) has appeared on eBay at a very low starting price...

The copy seems in reasonable condition, though scribbled in a bit - but that adds historical interest of course.

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