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Weimar und Jena

2 Feb 2015

The smallest of all Baedekers is Weimar und Jena (1932). It is also one of the rarest - but now there's one for you to buy on eBay! It is in reasonable condition - go and have a look!

The AWH bibliography

30 Jan 2015

There is a copy of Alex W Hinrichsen's bibliography - the 2nd and definitive edition - on eBay, here. These are like hen's teeth, so don't miss this opportunity if you are looking for a copy.

One of Mr Baedeker's rare errors

28 Jan 2015

There are amazingly few misprints in the classic Baedekers - the amount of time that must have been spent on proof-reading - in three different languages - is remarkable.

Therefore, those few there are do attract a great deal of interest. Perhaps the best known is on the title page of Austria 12 (1929), where it says "Austria togethep with Budapest..." Most of the misprinted books had the P corrected to an R with ink, but at the moment, there is a rare uncorrected copy available on eBay. Worth a look!

Is there a January sale on?

14 Jan 2015

There are quite a few interesting books to look at on eBay at the moment: first we have a Österreich, Süd- und West-Deutschland 6 (1855) in reasonable state for its age (though the photos are not brilliant). This is a very rare edition, never before seen on BDKR.com.

Then we have a rare Suisse 4 (1859), which certainly doesn't crop up every day, and finally an also seldom seen St Petersburg 2 (1913) which, although more frequently appearing than the first edition, is nonetheless a very interesting book showing the imperial capital just before the outbreak of the Great War.

Happy New Year!

1 Jan 2015

To all readers and visitors - welcome to 2015 and may it be an even better and happier year for all of us!

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