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22 Jul 2014

Just spotted on eBay: an Österreich 9 (1860) - not in a great condition but possibly at least complete. Quite a rare edition with a low starting price.

Madeira (1939)

19 Jul 2014

A UK vendor using the handle Dendera has just listed a copy of Madeira 1 (1939) on UKBookworld, Biblio, Abebooks, and Alibris, at a decent price. Here is a link to the Abebooks listing: Madeira 1939. A good chance to complete your collection with one of the most elusive editions!

Not a lot going on...

10 Jul 2014

It is quiet on the auction front and generally not much news to report. The prices are gently falling, but it is maybe just possible there is a bit of a levelling out. Now is probably a great time to start collecting Baedekers!

Two rarities

16 Jun 2014

Well, well - today I can draw your attention to not just one, but two really interesting Baedekers on eBay.

First we have a fair copy of Deutschland u. d. Österreichischen Kaiserstaate 3 (1847). Unfortunately it is not complete (missing a couple of maps) and it is also somewhat foxed, but this series of guides is so rare that anything is of interest. (No copy of this edition has been seen in the now nearly ten years of BDKR before.)

And there is also a Rheinreise 4 (1843), complete except for the map of the Rhine valley. In fact, I rather suspect the copy for sale is the very one pictured on our page for this edition... In its original Biedermeier binding, it is a very attractive early Baedeker.

The two Madeiras

5 Jun 2014

There is a copy of Madeira (1934) on eBay, for which the seller has very high hopes. (Too high, if you ask me.)

Unfortunately (for the seller), it is the German 1934 edition, which is not terribly rare at all. It is the English edition Madeira (1939) that is the great rarity. A quick look at the years of publication will explain why...

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