Baedeker's Unter-Italien 1902

This site is mainly for collectors of pre-1945 guidebooks from the famous Baedeker publishing house, but also for anybody with an interest in armchair travel in time and space.

Baedeker guidebooks have been published since 1832 and to this day remain at the top of their publishing niche. (For details about the current range, please refer to www.baedeker.com). However, this site only deals with books of antiquarian interest. They are small, red and crammed full of helpful advice, including detailed maps, floorplans, vocabularies, street directories, hotel listings, hints on how much to tip a cab-driver - all set out for the traveller a long time ago. Once you have opened one, it is almost impossible not to let your imagination wander along the Rhine in 1881 or to the pyramids in 1908 or along the boulevards of Paris in 1907...

The scope of this site covers 992 Baedeker editions in German, English and French. It includes hints on what to look for when buying them, current pricing information and other data which may be helpful to the collector. To find out exactly what is in store for you, read about this site. To find information about an edition, use one of the search options on the Find editions page. We hope to be adding more features in the future, and if you have any wishes, or perhaps would like to add or correct some information, please contact us on the e-mail address below.

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