Baedeker checklist

From this page, you can print out a checklist of Baedeker editions - handy to carry along if you are out browsing bookshops, or as a help in keeping track of your own collection. Many thanks to Geert van Loon for the idea!

About the accuracy of the checklist

The checklist can include the BDKR guideline price. Please read about how that is set (by following the link) and note that it is only there for your rough guidance and doesn't represent anything other than the personal opinion of the Editor! So take it with a large pinch of salt. Also, the list comes from the BDKR database and represents our best understanding of the Baedeker editions, based on our own research. However, that is not to say that it is error-free and indeed, there are some facts completely missing. If you can correct any information, we would be very grateful for an e-mail to the address below. In the meantime, rely on the information at your own risk only (see our terms and conditions).

How to tune the checklist

Your default option is to print a list of all the editions - just hit the "Go" button below and a new window will open with the list formatted for printing. Make sure your printer is turned on and then press the "Print" button at the top of the new window.

Alternatively, change some of the settings below to suit your requirements. You can limit the selection of editions to print, you can select what fields to include and you can choose an extra small, two-column format.

To avoid or change the standard headers and footers set by your browser for each page:

  • in Microsoft Internet Explorer select File/Page Setup from the application menu, and then reset or clear the "Header" and "Footer" fields;
  • in Mozilla Firefox select File/Page Setup from the application menu, then click the Margins & Header/Footer tab and adjust settings to taste.

Set options

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