Rheinreise1e Auflage, 1828D000
Rheinreise von Mainz bis Köln

6, 378 pages1 map, 0 plans 
 This book, by Prof. J. A. Klein, was first published in 1828 by Fr(iedrich) Röhling, and is thus not a "proper Baedeker" at all. In 1832, Karl Baedeker took over the stock and publishing business of Röhling, and that marked the start of Baedeker's guidebook publishing activities.

The edition here referred to is a re-print of 1832, with an additional map of the course of the Rhine, lithographically produced by the Becker brothers.

Brownish Biedermeier-style cover. Contains the 12 views by J. A. Lassinsky. Printed by Florian Kupferberg, Mainz.

 Voyage du Rhin 1 (1832)
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