Manuals of Conversation

As a complement to the travel guides, Baedekers also published various manuals of conversation - books with vocabularies and helpful phrases for the traveller.

The first, and best known venture was with four-language phrase-books (German, French, English and Italian), but there were also Russian guides and grammars. These latter ones are now very rare.

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Manuals of conversation

  Manual of Conversation 1 (1836)
Conversationsbuch 17 (1864)Manuel de conversation 17 (1864)Manual of Conversation 17 (1864)
  Conversation Dictionary 1 (1889)


Russischen Sprache 1 (1883)  
Russischen Sprache 2 (1888)  
 Langue russe 1 (1893) 
  Russian Language 1 (1914)
 Langue russe 1 (1922) 
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